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GT-R NISMO: The Lion

Feb. 26 – Tsurumi, Japan – Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn spoke with the Global Media Center on the new Nismo strategy, including a GT-R Nismo, at the opening of Nismo’s new headquarters in Japan.

Global Media Center: Why is now the opportune time to start a new NISMO strategy?

CEO Carlos Ghosn:

First, because we’re ready. We have the equipment. We have the headquarters. We have the seamless organization allowing engineers, tuners, technicians, marketers, and salespeople to work in an environment that is modern. So, it’s time also to go global. It’s not only about Nismo concentrated in Japan, and with some pockets of activity in the UK and the United States. It’s really going global with Nismo.

We think we’re ready. Technologically, we’re ready. Organizationally, we’re ready. We have the knowledge, and what we want is that on top of supporting racing as an activity; we want to offer a product lineup of Nissan cars badged Nismo, which correspond to what people who are performance-car lovers want throughout the world. You can buy the LEAF Nismo. You can buy the Juke Nismo. You can buy the GT-R Nismo, and there are going to be other cars like this in which you pick the car you want and pick the tuning you want – or go buy it ready for you in the showroom.

Global Media Center: You talk about enhancing performance. The GT-R is already a phenomenal vehicle. The GT-R NISMO – what is going to improve?


You know, it’s a GT-R under the Nismo brand. So, obviously, you’re going to expect a different design, and a different tuning, and you’ll expect additional performance. If not, people would be disappointed. It’s already a superior car, in terms of performance cars. But the GT-R Nismo is going to be the lion of the jungle.  It’s going to be really on top of everything we’ve offered so far. I’m very excited to see it coming to the market.

Global Media Center:  You announced a return to Le Mans in 2014. How will that enhance Nissan’s Innovation and Excitement for Everyone?


Le Mans is a big show for performance and performance cars. For us, it’s an important opportunity for us to show some new designs or some new concept, such as that which had big success last year. What is important also is that you can’t have a strong Nismo brand if it is not backed by credible performance in racing. So, we need to establish racing events in which Nismo can show, and Nissan can show, not only that it can compete but that it can win races.

Global Media Center:  How do you see NISMO enhancing sales for not only Nissan but the Infiniti and Datsun?


First, I think it’s going to be concentrated on Nissan. Nissan is about Innovation and Excitement, and Nismo is also bringing a lot of innovation and also a lot of excitement. So we need to market more Nismo in global markets, much more than we’re doing today. We also need to have a product offer that really satisfies what people are looking for.

That’s why I think, for example, with the launch of the Juke Nismo, it’s a double hit. First, it’s going to promote Nismo – more people are going to understand what Nismo is about. And second, we’re going to be selling more Juke vehicles, but particularly for this category of people who not only like the Juke but who also want a Juke that is a performance vehicle.


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