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Dongfeng Nissan’s Ren Yong on the New Teana

Feb. 27 – Guangzhou, China – Ren Yong, vice president of Dongfeng Nissan, discussed the all-new Nissan Teana with the Global Media Center this week after the flagship model’s debut in Guangzhou this week.  Here’s what he had to say:

Media Center: What are your expectations for the all-new Teana?

Ren Yong, Dongfeng Nissan:

Teana was introduced to China in 2004, it is a flagship product for Dongfeng Nissan. It’s the dream of each and every employee to make the Teana a success and a leader in the mid- to high-end segment.

The new Nissan Teana unveiled in Guangzhou

Through our efforts, the previous generation Teana became the leading product among Japanese automakers. The Teana surpassed both the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

There were some political disputes last year which greatly affected the final sales phase of the previous Teana. But we are confident because the new generation Teana is a stronger product. It contains even more of our efforts and we’ve made thorough preparations for the introduction.

We hope that with the launch the new Teana will bring momentum to dealers and for our sales. It will also allow customers to experience the benefits of the new Teana and return us to a position of strength.

Last year was challenging because of tensions between Japan and China. What is Dongfeng Nissan doing to reassure customers and when do you expect a full recovery?

Ren Yong:

Last year was full of ups and downs for us, it was like riding a roller-coaster. At the beginning of the year, we were full of confidence in achieving our sales goals of selling 1 million vehcles. In the first half of the year, we implemented some very successful marketing activities and were confident of achieving our full-year targets.

Dongfeng Nissan's Ren Yong unveils the Teana

But due to the dispute over the islands the mood of customers and the political climate changed entirely. Considering the situation, we had to be responsible towards our customers and pay more attention to dealer competitiveness and focus our efforts on helping our customers.

We concentrated on our existing 400,000 car owners and the damage they received. We worked together with the insurance company to ensure compensation, so that they will have peace of mind when using cars from Dongfeng Nissan.

In terms of setbacks and damage faced by our dealers, we couldn’t rush there in the first instance to help and offer our sympathies. [But afterwards] we were able to ensure that we could help alleviate the shock for every employee and, at the same time, offer them material compensation and support.

We also mobilized a support system between dealers, so they will not lose confidence as a result of this incident or develop a pessimistic outlook.

Through the process of this dispute and crisis, our cohesiveness is stronger and our confidence is stronger. The foundation of our business has been strengthened, and we have matured. We are confident in facing the next ten years.

What is 2013 going to look like for Dongfeng Nissan?

Ren Yong:

Executive approval for the new Teana

With our support and responsibilities towards our customers, customers will naturally have more confidence in us.

In December last year, we saw a rapid recovery with sales of more than 70,000 units. In January, our sales surpassed 80,000, so the speed of our recovery is considered quite fast.

At the same time, our local brand [Venucia] is also doing better, so Dongfeng Nissan will take on an even more aggressive approach with the launch of the all-new Teana, which is an even more attractive product. We will also some new models hitting the market this year, bringing even better products to our consumers.

We will introduce better service measures to our customers with our dealers, ensuring a more intimate experience at each customer touch point. We will pay more attention to our customers and make sure that we gain their confidence and trust.

For 2013, we aim to be more aggressive, more competitive and challenge the success that we have achieved in the past ten years. We want to continue to maintain our rapid growth momentum.

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