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NYC Taxi of Tomorrow Takes to Manhattan Streets for Milestone Evaluation

March 1 – New York – Two years ago Nissan won a bid to redesign and supply New York City’s Taxi of Tomorrow. Since then the company has been focused on perfecting the vehicle for passengers, drivers, medallion holders and fleets.

Before the new taxis appear on city streets this fall, Nissan will host a number of official milestone meetings for key stakeholders. Each meeting is designed to further refine the vehicle before it is put into service for the more than 600,000 people who hail a cab in NYC each year.

Nissan held a first ride-review of the Taxi of Tomorrow for NYC officials at its proving grounds in Arizona last fall.  This February, another milestone meeting took place in Manhattan. New York City officials evaluated the vehicle on the streets where the taxi will eventually travel. Nissan designers, engineers and product planning experts hosted the meeting to gain more feedback that will further refine the performance and function of the Taxi.

“You feel like the space is designed for you, the passenger, as opposed to the taxis that we have today where it is kind of a thrown together feel,” said Commissioner David Yassky, New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Nissan says that from powertrain, to chassis, to interior fit and finish, the Taxi of Tomorrow demonstrates the type of innovative spirit that goes into all Nissan vehicles, on the city streets of New York and around the world.

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