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Ishinomaki: Measuring the Road to Recovery

March 27 – Ishinomaki, Japan – Nissan Prince’s Keiji Endo says recovery is finding a foothold in Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture, two years after disaster struck the coastal Japanese town.

A new Nissan Ishinomaki-Kanan Branch of the dealership was built and reopened inland at higher elevation after substantial damage to the original Ishinomaki Minato facility from an earthquake and subsequent 6-meter tsunami.

Endo says a construction sector boom in the Tohoku region, along with individuals swapping out older used vehicles, has kept staff exceptionally busy.

Nonetheless, a full economic rebound will be years in coming and the disparity between the inland and coastal region is growing, Endo notes, adding that former key businesses like fishing remain weak with high unemployment rates, and many of those evacuated to temporary housing are still in the shelters two years later.

The Global Media Center first spoke with Endo in March 2012 in the below interview.

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