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Gorgeous, Glistening and Gold

JAMAICA – Earlier this month, Usain Bolt got a custom-made Nissan GT-R. The world’s fastest man loves Nissan’s fastest car. Bolt already has a black Nissan GT-R, but when he partnered with Nissan to give away a gold one for his foundation, he wanted one too.

“They made a gold GT-R and auctioned it off to help my foundation,” said Bolt. “For me that has done a lot so far and will do a lot more in the upcoming months. We have helped a lot of kids all around Jamaica.”

Nissan executives gave Bolt the keys to his new car at his home training facility in Jamaica. Bolt could not wait to get the car on the track. But he found out he can’t quite beat it in a race.

“The car has a slight edge, just a little bit,” said Bolt.

Bolt’s gold GT-R has been customized to suit his driving style. Nissan engineers recorded data during Bolt’s test drive of the GT-R line-up when he visited the company headquarters in October of 2012. The visual specs of the car, including exterior and interior color and wheels, were selected by Bolt himself.

“I think it’s just a full package,” said Bold. “For me the color is just out of this world because as you know, I am the golden boy so it works well. I think I will be driving it a lot.”

Bolt was recently named Nissan Director of excitement and been part of the company’s global brand campaign for the last year.

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