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AvtoVAZ Togliatti Plant Looks to Raise Quality Bar

July 2 – Togliatti, Russia – Automobile production at the home factory of AvtoVAZ currently includes the Russian automaker’s LADA brand as well as the Renault-Alliance, while improving output quality for all automakers is an imperative.

Laurent Fofana, AvtoVAZ Director of Quality

AvtoVAZ Vice President and Director of Quality Laurent Fofana offered the Global Media Center a tour of the AVES (Alliance Vehicle Evaluation System) facility, where he gave insight and background on plans for cars produced in Togliatti.

Laurent Fofana, AvtoVAZ Vice President and Director of Quality

You are here in the AVES area, which is very symbolic inside AvtoVAZ. This is a place where you can really see what is happening at the moment with AvtoVAZ. You can see that we are really a multi-brand company.

You will see here four models that we currently produce for the LADA brand, but you also have the Nissan Almera already here in production. Behind you are the first prototypes, in fact, for the next Logan for the Renault brand, and we even have some activities for the next Datsun production, which will start next year.


LADA Kalina

This car is the Kalina, and we’re just starting right now the Kalina facelift. So, what you see here is the new face of Kalina, starting in June.

Basically Kalina was started in 2004-05 and is the second generation, if you consider the LADA 4X4 as the first generation of cars that you see here.

So, this is the second generation, and as you see we have proactive developments because we are starting a new facelift right now.



The facelift of LADA Priora will start later this year and this is the new version. This facelift will make the junction with the new generation, expected after 2015, early 2016. But this car will still live for two years, thanks to the facelift, and we hope it will be able to have a right and full life.


LADA Granta is now the most popular car in Russia

The No. 4, after 4X4, Kalina, Priora – you have here Granta, which started at the end of 2011. Granta is the most popular car in Russia at the moment, the new flagship of the LADA brand. This car is the new generation of LADA-designed cars, and from the quality point of view we have quite good results.

It’s a real breakthrough compared to what we had previously. It does not mean that we will not reach the same level with other models, but the starting point is different. This one was launched 1.5 years ago and first results are quite interesting.


AvtoVAZ Togliatti Factory

This car is Largus of the LADA brand, the symbol of the new AvtoVAZ and new era that opens up AvtoVAZ because this car is obviously based on the Renault platform, which is more than the platform. In fact, it is the RF90 that has been adapted to the Russian market with some protection, like anti-corrosion, and some clearance issues.

Today we are manufacturing 120 per day, so this is a success. On the creative points, we have very good results driving the LADA brand to a better level, so really this is a symbol – the first car of the new era at AvtoVAZ.


Track testing of the Nissan Almera

Here is the Almera, the latest launch in the AvtoVAZ plant. I will not speak about the design, because this is a purely Nissan design, adapted to the Russian market as well. The challenge that we had was to manufacture the car here.

I must say that at the beginning, Nissan was a little bit nervous about it, but we have made all we could to guarantee the level of quality for this car, and at the moment every week there is a survey at Nissan dealers who recognized that this car is at the same level of quality as cars coming from other plants at Nissan. So, we are quite satisfied with these results. Certainly people are proud of it here.

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