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First Nissan Taxi Sold in New York City is Picking up Fares

NEW YORK, NY – The first person to buy the Nissan NV200 taxi, a taxi designed specifically for New York City, was medallion owner Ranjit Singh. He has been a taxi cab driver in NYC for 12 years now.

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“Deliver the people from here to there, you know.  I enjoy the job,” said Singh.

Singh is 6 feet 4 inches tall. He said his cab has always been tight on space until he found Nissan’s taxi. This is a vehicle that was designed to meet the needs and expectations of drivers, passengers, and owners.

“We spend like 10 to 12 hours in a taxi. We spend the same hours at home, so you have to be comfortable in a taxi,” said Singh. “It is a very comfortable car.”

Koeppel Nissan’s Taxi Sales Manager Alexander Chaoush said comfort is the number one reason people are purchasing the Nissan Taxi.

“Of the 500 that I’ve sold, I’ve never seen any taxi that is so fully trimmed and done with such great detail and comfort for the passengers and for the driver,” said Chaoush.

Chaoush said drivers have been calling for months now into the dealership asking about availability of the Nissan Taxi. He said now that the vehicle is available, customers are even more excited about the powertrain, chassis, and custom-tailored interior fit and finish of the Nissan cab.

“Once this taxi hits the Kennedy airport taxi line, and the other drivers run over to the other guy and say ‘how do you like this,’ the other driver is going to say ‘I’m overwhelmed.’ I am getting 24 miles to the gallon. I am comfortable. I can see who is behind me through my backup camera,” said Chaoush.

Singh plans to put about 400,000 miles on his new ride in the next five years. He expects many of his fellow taxi drivers to follow his lead.

“They should go for this car because this car is very comfortable,” said Singh.

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