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Gumbo Mud in Southeast Texas No Contest for Nissan PRO4X Series

BEAUMONT, Tex. – Nissan is in the development phase of its next-generation Titan full-size pickup, and the automaker is talking to the people who know trucks well – people who can provide the latest insight into what truck buyers want.

That is why Nissan brought its series of PRO4X trucks to a teal hunt in southeast Texas for outdoor media. The event was hosted by Sure-Shot Game Calls in what the locals call “gumbo mud.”

James “Cowboy” Hernandez is the founder of Sure-Shot Game Calls and a legend in the world of duck calls. He has been hunting in the marshes of Southeast Texas since he was a kid.

“I just don’t think you can stop it, because that is the way they are made,” said Cowboy, referring to the Nissan trucks.

The reason a PRO4X is able to climb, crawl and slosh its way through marshes is the added features put into the trucks. Features like more aggressive tires, an off-road tuned suspension and rear-locking differential.

“We sure enough tried to bury these things. And I mean we tried. We just couldn’t do it. We got stuck for just a second and we were able to rock ourselves right out,” said Hillary Dyer, editor, Waterfowl and Retriever.

So when it comes to duck hunting in Southeast Texas, an off-road capable truck like a PRO4X is as necessary as a good dog, and a good duck call.

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