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Nissan’s Light Commercial Vehicles Pull Their Weight

Saitama City, Japan – Nov 6 – Nissan Motor Light Trucks (NMLT), the center of design and development for Nissan’s range of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), marked a decade of successful growth with a visit by CEO Carlos Ghosn.

Nissan CEO Ghosn talking to NMLT employees

NMLT has helped Nissan develop a comprehensive model line over the years, extending its reach to the China, Europe and India, supporting a goal of becoming the world’s leading LCV manufacturer.

“I would prefer that we do it in a way that is sustainable, which is very solid because we have the right product, the right strategy. That’s better than going after some shortcuts and tactical measures and discounting,” said Ghosn.

“I think it has to continue to develop. It’s a great opportunity for Nissan,” he added.

Nissan's Light Commercial Vehicles

Global LCV sales already account for more than 20 percent of all Nissan vehicle sales, with a record 1.14 million units sold in FY2012.

Nissan offers one of the widest range of LCVs; including 7.5-ton trucks, pickups, minibuses as well as taxis.

Its growing range of electric LCV models, including the e-NT400 and the e-NV200 next year, will also boost its zero-emission leadership.

The e-NT400 will join Nissan's electric LCV lineup

New models will join popular vans such as the NV200 and NV350, currently serving the Infiniti Red Bull Racing F1 team.

A new Titan pickup is also under development.

“The Titan replacement is important because it puts us in a segment which is the biggest segment in the world, even though it is basically [just] in the United States,” said Andy Palmer, CEO of Nissan Motor Light Trucks.

Ghosn and Palmer with the Cummins engine

“It’s such a huge segment but we play such a minor part in that right now.”

“The new Titan with the Cummins diesel engine is going to be a real challenger in that segment. And I think a real area of growth for us in the future,” said Palmer.

With a compelling range of products and an aggressive growth strategy, Nissan is confident that its goal to be the world’s leading LCV manufacturer is within reach.

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