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Winner of Nissan Video Contest Reveals the Magic Behind His Entry


November 7 – Brooklyn, NY – Andrew Jive of Brooklyn, N.Y. is one of three people who won Nissan’s “Your Door to More” video contest. The video contest encouraged users of Instagram and Vine to celebrate their passions and showcase the all-new 2014 Versa Note in their own homemade short films.

Users made a six- to 15-second video on Vine or Instagram about what they love, included at least one Versa Note cutout, and then posted the video with the #VersaVid hashtag.

“The more you make it look like there is a special effect there, the more sort of wow factor and people want to dissect it and figure out the puzzle before they move on the next great amazing Vine,” said Jive.

Jive’s film came together with a lot of patience and retakes to get the video just right.

“We actually made eight models of the same car, and then we just cut it at different lengths and crumbled it up, so it actually looks like a crumpled piece of paper is turning into a car,” said Jive.

Matt Fogarty of Camp Hill, Pa., Haley Yuen of Edison, N.J., and Andrew Jive of Brooklyn, N.Y., all had their creations appear in a 45-second national television commercial during the Florida State-Clemson college football broadcast on Saturday, Oct. 19. Nissan also awarded $1,000 gift cards to all three participants and to three other contest winners.

“I’m pretty excited to see where Vine goes. I compare it to TV producers on MTV in the 80s. They changed the way we watch television, which changed the way companies advertised. I could see Vine doing that in the next two or three years, showing the Internet is where advertising is at,” said Jive.

The “Your Door to More” video contest was inspired by the 2014 Nissan Versa Note, a second-generation hatchback with a sculpted, modern and energetic look that reflects the active lives of its target buyers.

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