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Nissan Mexicana Opens Third Plant, Boosts Production for Sentra


AGUASCALIENTES, Mexico – Today Nissan inaugurated its third manufacturing plant in Mexico, fueling the company’s output in the country to more than 850,000 vehicles annually from 650,000 today.

In 1966, Mexico became the first country to manufacture Nissan cars outside of Japan.

“This success is part of the many successes that we have had during 30 years; it’s not created alone,” said Armando Ávila, vice president, manufacturing, Nissan Mexicana.

This is the first phase of a $2 billion manufacturing complex in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

“This plant has been built for four platforms and four different cars. In fact, we are going to be dedicating practically all of the capacity to one car because we need it – it’s the Sentra. But I think we can do more with this plant, and I think this plant is not going to stay at 175,000 (annual production). There is the potential to increase the capacity, so I feel very good about the potential we have here,” said Nissan Motor Company President and CEO Carlos Ghosn.

“The Sentras that are being produced in this plant are going to be going throughout the Americas region,” said José Muñoz, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Nissan Americas.

Today Nissan produces about one out of every four cars made in Mexico. Automobile production is becoming increasingly important to the country, evidenced by the participation of Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto in the opening day ceremonies.

“Hey, we’re serious. While some are only talking about growth, we are not only talking but we are also creating the plant and producing the vehicles so that we are going to grow in reality, selling more cars,” said Muñoz.

Groundwork for this complex began in April 2012. It has five main buildings that equal a 220,000 square-meter production center. It means 3,000 new jobs in Aguas and more than 9,000 additional indirect jobs.

“This is our dream, and this is the result. Work together, push together, and achieve success together,” said Ávila.


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