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F1 Champ Sebastian Vettel Takes Hot Laps at Infiniti HQ 15-mph Oval

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Quadruple Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel just made another world record.  He is the first person to ever perform hot laps in Infiniti’s new Q50 in front of the company’s North American headquarters.  Vettel took some of the company’s employees for thrill rides.

“I’ve got to do a lot of fun things in my life but that certainly ranks up there.  The skill that that guy has in controlling that car – it’s unbelievable,” said Gary Anderson, Senior Manager Vehicle Operations Infiniti.

Vettel worked with Infiniti engineers in Japan to refine the new Q50.  He is Infiniti’s Director of Performance.  He says he is pleased with the final product and how it performs.

“I think we slightly exceeded the speed limit of 15 mph.  They enjoyed it and I enjoyed it,” said Vettel.

Infiniti’s Global Director of Formula One Andreas Sigl says Vettel’s contribution goes far beyond marketing.  “Over time we all experienced and Sebastian experienced that there is so much we can do, and we listened to his feedback, and now I think he sees that we listen and we actually take action.”

Sigl says Infiniti will continue to get Vettel’s advice on future models.  He says Vettel has one particular passion he is hoping Infiniti will pursue.

“Of course, ultimately the thing he would like to have is a proper performance car that maybe the next time we talk I can tell you more about,” said Sigl.


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