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Nissan Debuts Teana VIP at Auto Guangzhou 2013

Nov 29 – Guangzhou – Nissan unveiled the Teana VIP, a long-wheelbase version of the popular Teana sedan designed specially for consumers in China.

The long-wheelbase Nissan Teana VIP

“In China specifically, there is a desire to have more luxury and more comfort,” said Roel de Vries, Nissan Corporate Vice President for Marketing and Communications.

The new model comes with a wheelbase extended to 2,900mm and additional luxury features, including a double sunroof and a Bose 5.1 channel sound system.

Ren Yong, Vice President of Dongfeng Nissan, commissioned a “micro movie” directed by Hong Kong film maker Peter Chan.

Dongfeng Nissan's Ren Yong with Director Peter Chan and Actor Huang Xiao Ming

The film, shown at the launch, stars Chinese actor Huang Xiao Ming as a rags-to-riches businessman who drives the Nissan Teana VIP.

“It is spacious and, in this price range, the interior is extremely comfortable. It’s very good,” said Huang.

“When I had the chance to drive the car, I was quite surprised,” he added.

Along side the new Teana VIP, is also showing a vintage Cedric and more than 20 vehicles in the Nissan lineup.


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