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Datsun in Indonesia: Meet the Risers

December 9 – Jakarta – The return of Datsun didn’t start with what cars to launch, but with the people: Aspirational, forward thinkers – what the brand calls Young Risers – living in high-growth markets.

Before the world premiere of the Datsun GO+, the Nissan Global Media Center spoke to a group of risers in Jakarta, Indonesia, ahead of the launch of new models in 2014.

Dwinanto and his family on his motorbike

Dwinanto Nugroho, currently owns a motorbike, but hopes to buy a car for family outings with his wife and two-year-old daughter.

Ari and his wife, Titi

Ari Karniawan, also has a motorbike, and uses it to take his wife, Titi, to work. Titi, who is carrying their first child, rides precariously with Ari for the 2-hour daily commute.

Dina, on the platform for the commuter train

Dina Mairani, takes two types of public transport to and from work everyday: a busy commuter train and a motorbike taxi.

These Young Risers aspire to own cars that are affordable, fuel efficient and safe.

Datsun’s new vehicles are designed to meet their needs.

Watch the video below for highlights of the Datsun GO+ launch in Indonesia:


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