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25-Year NYC Taxi Driver Says Nissan NV200 Fits the Bill

NEW YORK CITY – The Nissan NV200 taxi is hitting the streets of New York City and beyond. The new taxi has been available at select dealerships in New York City since late October.

One of the first to purchase this vehicle, which was designed and constructed specifically with NYC taxi drivers and passengers in mind, was Greek immigrant Demetrios Rizos. He has worked as a New York City taxi driver for 25 years and has been picking up fares driving the Nissan NV200 for about a month now.

“I love this car. It’s a good choice, I think a very good choice,” said Rizos.

He previously drove a Crown Victoria, but said it was time to trade in that car for a new vehicle. “You cannot compare it. I love this now,” said Rizos.

Rizos appreciates the adjustable driver seat and the room inside. And, perhaps most exciting, he said, are the reactions of passengers.

“You have New Yorkers that lived all their lives here in New York, and they never experienced the skyline of the city. I mean, now through the skylight they see the city; they see the buildings. New Yorkers are actually taking videos and photos with their telephones,” said Rizos. “The tips have been better.  I mean it has to be something they love about the car and the experience.”

Peter Bedrosian with Nissan product planning helped develop this vehicle. He says that seeing the Nissan taxis on New York City streets and hearing how well they are being received is rewarding.

“They feel like they are in a much more premium, almost like a black car, experience. They comment on the leg room and also the panoramic roof and seeing their city in a different perspective,” said Bedrosian.

Nissan is in the process of distributing the first 200 units to dealers across New York City. The company is also delivering another couple hundred new taxis to dealers in Seattle, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Texas. According to Nissan, these are places that see an opportunity with the product.

“The idea that we had from the very beginning was to provide a great taxi experience. And I think we’ve done that from the comments that we are getting,” said Bedrosian.


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