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Nissan Heritage Car Parade in Yokohama

December 23 – Yokohama – Over one hundred Nissan and Datsun cars, spanning several generations, gathered for a parade in Yokohama to mark Nissan Motor Corporation’s 80th anniversary.

Flagging off the Datsun 14 Phaeton

The parade of Nissan heritage comes just three days ahead of the company’s founding on December 26, 1933.

“We are here today to celebrate 80 years since the establishment of Nissan, and we have gathered cars from all ages. These cars are a testament to the history of Nissan, and the source of much innovation and excitement over the years,” said Nissan Vice Chairman, Toshiyuki Shiga.

“Today, I feel that it is necessary for us to keep making and offering Nissan cars that people will cherish for a long time.”

More than 100 heritage cars joined the parade

The oldest car on show was the 1935 Datsun 14 Phaeton, driven by owner Tomoyuki Kimura, who brought the car more than 600 kilometers from Tokushima in western Japan to participate.

“I’ve had this pre-war Datsun since I was 25. I loved this car all my life. I’m happy to be leading the parade, but I’m also a little nervous,” said Kimura.

Kimura’s Datsun 14 led the way through Yokohama’s Minatomirai district, passing local landmarks, the Aka Renga, Yamashita Park and Osanbashi pier.

The Datsun 210

Famous nameplates included Datsun 510s and 210s. Nissan cars on parade included Cedric, Bluebird, Silvia, Gloria models and, of course, the iconic GT-R, with each shining a light on Nissan’s illustrious past.

“I’ve seen a great variety of cars here, like this one from before the war. It’s great to be able to see them all at once,” said Kozo Watanabe, a former Nissan Chief Engineer, who drove the first production model of the Fairlady Z (Datsun 240Z).

Spectators looking on at the parade base

Spectators flanked the roadside, waving to drivers as they drove along the route.

The collection of cars spanning the rich history of Nissan attracted thousands of visitors to the company’s headquarters.

The parade caps a year-long celebration of Nissan’s landmark anniversary, a new milestone in the company’s history.


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