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Tokyo Auto Salon 2014: Tuned GT-Rs

Jan 15 – Makuhari, Chiba Prefecture – To mark this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, the Nissan Global Media Center invited journalist and GT-R enthusiast Dino Dalle Carbonare to choose his favorite tuned versions of the supercar.

Carbonare, senior editor at Speedhunters, singled out five very special Nissan GT-R models at Asia’s largest annual tuning and customization show.

Here are his picks:

RAYS Overtake GT-R

Dino picks his favorite tuned GT-Rs

We’re next to the RAYS Overtake GT-R. What’s interesting about this car is they’ve replaced the whole body with carbon fiber, so each panel is in dry carbon and it drops the weight quite significantly.

It’s a completely new approach to extracting more performance to the car, rather than just going for more power.

Overtake GT-R with Volk Racing TE37 wheels

The car is running the new Volk Racing TE37 wheels in 20-inch, and they’ve finished off in a pretty cool color, too.


At the TRUST stand we’ve come to see the R35X. It’s a pretty wild looking machine. It has wide-body over fenders, front and rear. There’s lots of carbon fiber on the roof, doors and the bonnet.


But the special thing is it’s built for drifting, so it’s no longer a four-wheel drive car.  It’s been converted to rear-wheel drive. It runs a sequential transmission and also has a 1,000 horsepower, so a pretty powerful machine. Probably one of the most extreme cars of the show.

The whole front bumper has been redesigned. It’s both a mix of wild kind of designer look with some functionality built into it.

There’s a series of louvers built into the bonnet, engineered to extract as much air from the engine bay as possible, and also feed the turbo with fresh air.

It is built for drifting, so it does need to have a substantial amount of down force at the front, and it all meets up to the sides. The front over fenders are bolted down to the stock fenders, and it increases the front track by about 30-40 mm.

Phoenix’s Power R35 GT-R

Phoenix's Power R35 GT-R

We’re here with Phoenix’s Power, a tuning shop from Kyoto, and they have build this rather special R35 for a customer who wanted to create a very fast, high-speed machine.

It’s got a stroker kit, which boosts capacity to 4 liters, it’s got bigger turbos and they’ve made this custom intake. The car was made to participate in a speed challenge in Italy, so they shipped the car off to Italy last year where it managed to achieve a top speed of 357 kph at the Nardo ring in southern Italy.

The whole body is being customized, too. It’s got a carbon fiber bumper, lots of carbon fiber detailing around the car, a bigger wing, a carbon bonnet, and upgraded brakes and suspension in wheels. So, it’s pretty much a complete package. It’s a pretty incredible car.

Top Secret Super GT-R 1000

We are here at Top Secret, a very well-known tuner in Japan based out of Chiba. They’ve recently finished this time attack car. It’s been built for a circuit, so there’s been a lot of work in getting good response and it has a lot of power – 1,000 horsepower.

Top Secret Super GT-R 1000

Up front we have three big air intakes that have been opened up in the main bumper area. This is to feed more air towards the intercooler, which has also been replaced and is about that size, so lots more volume of air to be cooled. There’s a lot of aero additions here on the splitter, and side canards here and the high canards here. So, there’s a lot of front downforce that’s being generated with these additional parts. And, this is all balanced with the big wing at the back and the redesigned diffuser as well.

This is the whole, complete package, and unlike the other cars that we have seen so far, it’s actually been built for a circuit, so kind of a different discipline to what we have seen.

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