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Nissan Invites Truck Fans to Define Perfect Off-Road Truck

Jan. 15 – Las Vegas – Nissan’s “Project Titan” launched at the 2014 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show Wednesday.

The project invites truck enthusiasts to help define and build the ultimate off-road capable truck. Nissan set up camp at the show so that trade media could plan an incredible adventure for the custom build.

“We always go where the customers are. With Nissan, the customers call the shots, and what better place to ask the hard-core customer than the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade show,” said Rich Miller, chief product specialist, Nissan Titan.

This is the largest trade show for pros involved with the shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries. Events included an industry day at a range in the hills of Boulder City, Nevada. The Nissan Titan PRO-4X was posted there for test-drives, showing what the truck can currently do off road and in real conditions. Some were already familiar.

“I have bought four Titans myself – an ’05, an ’07, an ’08 and right now my 2010 has 83,000 of the world’s toughest miles on it, and I just beat these things to no end,” said Randy Newberg, owner, On Your Own Adventures. “They all stop me and are like, ‘Randy, I see you using this Titan. What’s the deal with that?’ I’m like, ‘Jump in.’ By the time they jump in and they go with me, besides the fact that they say, ‘I don’t think we can make it.’ And then we make it, and get out of there, they are like, ‘Whoa, this is a cool truck.’ It is the ultimate truck for a hunter.”

Nissan’s Miller was happy to get feedback from Newberg and others at the range.

“In our off-road course that we had, there was a lot of input about how they would love to keep the capability of the truck. That was one of the key things for these guys. We want to have the capability of the truck first and foremost. The second thing was reliability. Once the truck gets you there, they want to make sure it can get them back,” said Miller.

The announcement this summer of an optional Cummins V8 Turbo Diesel powered engine in the next Titan has a lot of people excited, including ’05 Titan owner and Atlanta-area police officer Jason Teague.

“I gave him (Miller) a little feedback on things I have seen with mine, but they are small little detail issues on a vehicle that is now eight years old, that still looks almost new. I was hoping the Titan here today was going to have the diesel engine in it. That is what I was really curious to see and try. With a new diesel engine in it, when it hits the dealer floor, it is going to be hard not to get one,” said Teague, who also writes for Guns & Ammo magazine.

Nissan will continue on its quest to make the perfect off-road truck. In the meantime, fans and owners can help build their own version, one that could handle the ultimate adventure. In the months to come, additional project phases will roll out and be communicated via the @NissanTrucks Twitter and page, including production of the radically enhanced pickup.

When asked about his ultimate adventure, Newberg said, “Republican and Democrat Mountain, outside of Empire, Colorado, fully loaded. Load your four-wheel drive truck up and do that three times in a day. And see if it is still in one piece. That would be an adventure.”

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