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Reflections from a Temple: A First Owner of Nissan LEAF

LEAF owner Chief Priest Wasei Hirai at his temple, Anyo-in.

Jan. 20 – Tokyo – Three years ago, Anyo-in Temple’s Chief Priest Wasei Hirai was one of the first people to take home a Nissan LEAF electric car, and this month he sat down with the Global Media Center to reflect on EV ownership as global sales reach 100,000, with a new customer halfway across the world in the UK.

Hirai, who has driven his LEAF 12,000 kilometers, says the car fits perfectly with his ancient temple’s philosophy of innovation and its messages about the environment and way of life.


He uses the vehicle for errands and local trips, and enjoys the LEAF’s quiet interior while listening to music as he drives, and its smooth, responsive steering.



Hirai believes we should live in a way in which we create the energy that we use. Living on the temple grounds, he says he will soon use solar power to supply his vehicle’s power.

“The day will come that whenever people think of a car, it will be an electric car,” he says.





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