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Delivered: GT-R NISMO Roll Out Begins

March 15 – Hiroshima – Race driver Masataka Yanagida presented Shoko Ohara with one of the first deliveries of the GT-R NISMO, a roll out signalling the move from the performance track to private ownership.

Ohara, a Hiroshima resident, took both the keys of the top performance vehicle and an autographed helmet from the former Super GT driving champion.

“Last year I participated in a NISMO circuit event. I drove a GT-R Egoist that I was happy with up until then,” Ohara said.

“I first met Yanagida-san there, when he drove my car and taught me many techniques to enjoy its performance. I didn’t know he was a famous racing driver, but became even more excited when I learned that and wanted to support him as much as I can.”

“When I heard that the new GT-R NISMO was coming, I thought I could support him by buying the car, and jokingly told my wife that I would do so if I could get one of the first cars.”

The GT-R NISMO set a record lap time for a volume production car at Germany’s Nürburgring in late September last year. Yanagida said delivering the ultra-performance car to Ohara and the streets of Hiroshima was a special honor.

“I am really impressed to see how excited Ohara-san is to have the car delivered to him. There are many fans who support us at races, and some who support the circuit by actually buying cars. I am really happy and honored to be a racing driver,” he said.

“This GT-R NISMO has many things in common with a Super GT race car, and for those fans who may be considering or have bought NISMO road cars, I will race even harder.”

Ohara said in his first few minutes with the car that he could already see differences that he wanted to try out himself.

“I noticed some big changes with this new GT-R NISMO, especially the chassis and suspension, and now I have to prove myself with this car,” he said.

“My wife could not join me for the delivery today, but we often go on drives together and she will notice the differences right away.”

“Next weekend we are planning a drive together to Nagoya and I am sure she will sense the upgrades.”

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