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Datsun Back in South Africa

June 10 – Johannesburg – After a three-decade hiatus, Datsun returned to South Africa on Tuesday with a special launch event in Johannesburg.

Datsun is targeting South Africa's Risers

Datsun, already unveiled in India, Indonesia and Russia, will begin sales of its Datsun GO compact later this year, targeting a new generation of South Africans.

“This is a place where we have a great opportunity — and a very complex one — which is to be of this emancipation of the emerging middle class,” said Vincent Cobee, Global Head of Datsun.

“For us at Datsun, this is really why we want to be back in the 21st century — to provide a different, attractive, reliable, emotional and engaging experience.”

The brand is well-known in South Africa, holding the No. 1 spot from 1976 to 1978, when it earned a reputation for modern engineering and reliability.

Datsun GO is unveiled in Johannesburg

The new models, starting with the Datsun GO, are targeted at young, first-time, new car buyers, what the brand calls Risers.

“Thirty percent of our population is the age group between 19 and 29,” said Des Fenner, head of Datsun South Africa.

“What we believe we can do with Datsun is provide through the product, the Datsun GO, an enabler for the individual to grow and enjoy life a lot more .”

The Datsun GO, priced for under 100,000 rand ($9,400), will go on sale during the final quarter of 2014 at 30 dedicated dealerships.

That number is expected to double, with strong growth expected for the brand – and South Africa –in the months ahead.

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