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Nissan NP300 Navara World Premiere in Bangkok

June 12 – Bangkok – Nissan unveiled its all-new pickup model, the NP300 Navara, in Thailand on Wednesday.

Chief Planning Officer Andy Palmer with the Nissan NP300 Navara

Chief Planning Officer Andy Palmer introduced the new generation one-ton pickup to some 300 local and international media gathered for the launch.

“One of the reasons that we launched in Thailand is because Thailand, really, is the center of the universe as far as pickups are concerned,” said Palmer.

“This market really defines what pickups are about, not only for Thailand, but also for the world.”

Thailand is the world's biggest pickup market

Thailand is the world’s biggest market for pickups in terms of per capita basis, even higher than the United States.

More than 40% of all vehicles sold here are pickups, with one-ton pickups commanding the lion’s share.

Nissan expects that its latest offer in this critical segment will help it boost its sales and competitiveness in Asean’s largest automotive market.

NP300 Navara will help Nissan increase it's presence in Thailand

“It’s a very significant event for us to introduce the new NP300 Navara in Thailand, as the first market for Nissan globally,” said Hiroyuki Yoshimoto, President of Nissan Motor Thailand.

“This model, we’re sure, will increase Nissan’s presence as well as be a key factor in to achieve and increase sales and market share.”

Nissan’s new plant, set for a July 3rd opening, will be producing the new pickup and serve as an export hub to the region.

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