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A Partnership Turns Electric

November 10 – Milton Keynes, UK – In its fourth year, the marketing partnership between Nissan and the Formula One Infiniti Red Bull Racing team is now electric.

The Red Bull Racing Technology factory

Two new e-NV200 large commercial vehicles are helping transport drivers, staff and kit for the F1 team around their Milton Keynes facilities and elsewhere in the UK.

The vehicles are the new electric additions to the 80 LCVs that make up the team’s fleet.

At the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Technology factory, Christian Horner, team principal of Infiniti Red Bull Racing, underscored the strength of the relationship.

Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner

“We have approximately 20 vehicles here in the UK that are constantly collecting parts and elements from different suppliers,” said Horner. “We have all the logistics of moving people from different airports to different race tracks. So, it’s a crucial part of our operation, in terms of logistically moving people and parts around the world.”

Electric LCVs and Formula One racing might seem on opposite ends of the automotive spectrum.

But Dany Boulenger, Division General Manager of Nissan’s LCV Business Unit, says as both try to reduce their carbon footprints, the relationship – and the technology – are symbiotic.

“We are working with the same challenge,” says Boulenger. “The challenge is how we make the most effective use of energy. And we have a regenerating system in both sides, in Formula One and in eNV200. And that makes things fun in a way.”

To boost fuel efficiency, F1 vehicles integrate energy recovery systems.

Some of the F1 team's fleet on the road near Milton Keynes

The e-NV200 incorporates the same regenerative braking system as found in the all-electric Nissan LEAF, converting kinetic energy during deceleration into electrical energy.

Built at Nissan’s plant in Barcelona, the e-NV200 can cut fleet running costs by 40% without compromising practicality, says Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Director EVs for Nissan Europe.

“[The] car has exactly the same LCV attributes as NV200 IC engine – best turning circle, best payload and best cargo capacity in its category,” said Diernaz.

He says Nissan’s strategy in coming months is to sign deals with some very iconic fleets.

Turning from the road to the track, Horner said he’s optimistic that Infiniti Red Bull Racing will end the season with more race victories.

“Well, we’re obviously pushing as hard as we can. I think that Mercedes have done a super job with their power unit this year. We’re slowly closing that gap,” said Horner. “But we’ll never give up and we’ll keep pushing all the way to that final race in Abu Dhabi.”

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