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Team Nissan Canada shines at Targa Newfoundland debut


October 9 – ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundland / MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Canada – Nissan Canada’s debut in Targa Newfoundland, at one of the most famous rally events in Canada, goes in the books as a success.

Three pairs racing for Nissan Canada crossed the finish line without a scratch or incident after a 1,500-kilometer, week-long rally.

The JUKE NISMO RS sport crossover made history as the first crossover to compete in Targa Newfoundland while the two all-new Nissan Micras were the first vehicles to compete with Canada’s lowest starting MSRP.

The JUKE NISMO RS finished the Targa Division in sixth place, while the two Micras crossed the finish line of the Grand Touring division in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

Nissan Canada was proud to welcome automotive journalist and Targa Newfoundland co-founder Jim Kenzie to its team.

Kenzie, along with co-driver Brian Bourbonniere, widely considered one of the greatest navigators in Canada, pushed the JUKE NISMO RS to its limits in virtually stock trim.

The 215-horsepower, turbocharged JUKE NISMO RS responded to its first rally challenge and took Targa Newfoundland veterans through the event without incident.

Four automotive journalists comprised the other pairs, each driving fully stock 2015 Nissan Micra SR M/T.

Michel Crépault and Keri Potipcoe, as well as Danny Bailey and Michael Vaughan, took on the twisting and challenging roads of Newfoundland with confidence and poise in Canada’s newest subcompact vehicle.

As the rally legs became increasingly difficult, Micra drivers and co-drivers finished numerous stages with perfect scores. All four drivers agree this is a testament to the Micra’s agility and reliability, with a “fun-to-drive” factor in or outside the city.

“In view of the NISMO brand’s proven motorsport records and the launch of Micra, Nissan’s value flagship, it was time for Nissan Canada to participate in a motorsport event. What better way to do this than competing in this well-received and entirely Canadian rally, Targa Newfoundland,” said Christian Meunier, president, Nissan Canada Inc.

“Congratulations to all six members on the Nissan Canada Team. Jim and Brian exhibited their high level of proficiency in rally racing behind the wheel of the JUKE NISMO RS.

“As first-time rally competitors, Danny, Keri, Michael and Michel were all very impressive in how well they drove the Micra and how quickly they learned to compete rally style. I am very proud of Team Nissan Canada’s performance and impressed with how our drivers used their combination of skills and experience in motorsport to demonstrate that JUKE NISMO RS and the Nissan Micra can take on just about any challenge on the road.”

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