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Design and Heisman winner Marcus Allen light up the stage for Nissan at the LA Auto Show

LOS ANGELES Nissan entered this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show as a brand on the move. The company is enjoying its best sales year ever in the U.S., up nearly 14 percent against an industry average of around 6 percent.

“Now we are going after a strategy of fewer, bigger, better. The bigger moments in the world (are) in the United States, when you have all of the eyeballs focused on watching what is going on,” said Fred Diaz, senior vice president, Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations U.S., Nissan North America, Inc. “The Voice Partnership that we have locked up for the next three years was a huge commitment that we made on behalf of the Nissan Brand.”

At the LA Show, Nissan put its all-new Murano on stage. There are big expectations for this crossover, a vehicle that Nissan says will practically sell itself on premium design and advanced technologies.

“Third generation Murano is a beautiful vehicle. When you look at the concept car that we showed the world a few years ago – and now the actual production model and look at how amazingly close the two look to one another – I think we have really, really, done it. The designers have outdone themselves,” said Diaz.

Sharing the stage with Murano is the new Nissan JUKE. It is redesigned and offers a long list of standard tech features, more connectivity and, importantly, a way to stand out in the crowd. With Nissan’s Color Studio, JUKE owners can find nearly unlimited color personalization for their new ride.

“While many cars are for basic transportation, the JUKE at its very heart is ‘fun,’ and that is what we want to bring out,” said Bob Munson, Product Planning, Nissan North America, Inc. “We want to bring the fun back into transportation so it fits the theme of the vehicle very well.”

Nissan invited a special guest to the stage to preview a Color Studio option for the new JUKE – Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Allen, who hails from the University of Southern California. Nissan has enjoyed a multi-faceted relationship with the Heisman Trophy Trust for many years.

“Now that is my color, right there. That is awesome, man. Do you mind if I drive it to the game this weekend?” asked Allen.

Nissan promises that there is a lot more on the way in 2015. The company is bringing new partnerships and new vehicles to drive brand strength and increasing sales results.

“The new products are to die for,” said Diaz. “So it is a combination of the products, the people and the enthusiasm that we are putting behind everything, and then finding the right marketing message and the right venues to be in – to make sure that the world sees these beautiful cars that we are showcasing and selling,” said Diaz.

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