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Nissan, Heisman winners and Habitat for Humanity tackle affordable housing


LOS ANGELES – Nissan North America recently teamed up with the long time partners Habitat for Humanity and the Heisman Trophy Trust to change the lives of a local Los Angeles family.

Jeremy Tucker, vice president, Marketing, Nissan North America:

“We are coming together today, having a lot of fun but having a serious purpose. We have been a partner with Habitat for Humanity since 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Since that time we have increased our involvement with the Habitat group. And today we are here in LA not only with them but with the Heisman Trust and our Heisman award winners, because today we are building a house for a very deserving family here in the Los Angeles area.”

Erin Rank, president and CEO, Habitat for Humanity, Greater Los Angeles:

“Mr. and Mrs. Loza and their three sons are going to be moving into this house.  They live a few miles away from here. They have been living in a really cramped space pretty much all their lives, but they have done a really great job raising their kids to be respectful kids. They are going on doing really well in their education. And so we are so happy to be with them to start their dream of home ownership.”

New homeowner, Nestor Loza:

“It’s really exciting. It is something new too, for me. I have never worked in anything like in construction. It’s definitely a learning experience. It’s really special for us. Seeing everybody that’s involved in the building of this house, it’s just really nice for us to see how everybody putting their effort for something that is going to better our lives.”

1980 Heisman Trophy winner George Rogers:

“I’m having fun. That’s why I come – to have a lot of fun. We are trying to do some things to help some people get their life started. The family is out here – why can’t we be out here? Being that they are going to school and everything, I think it is wonderful. They are going to have great jobs down the line. I know they are going come back and help their Mom. And they are doing most of the work; they have done more work than I have done. I have done some, even though it may not look like it but they are working on the house themselves and they are going to help other people when they get ready to build their houses. They are going to help them too. So that is the beauty of it.

2006 Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith:

“It’s awesome. Getting a chance to build something from the bottom up from scratch – it means everything. The fundamentals of life, obviously, what you want to equate it to, you know, building something from the bottom up. Making sure every ‘t’ is crossed, every ‘i’ is dotted, so to speak. I think that’s what makes us unique: being a part of this realm of what is going on, a small percentile of people who do what we have done. It means everything in the world to touch and bring and give some type of positivity to people everywhere. And that is what the Heisman Trust does in its entirety. Besides rewarding collegiate players with an outstanding accolade at the end of the year we get the chance to give back all throughout the nation.”


“It’s great to get out of the office and spend some time in the community working with our dealers, working with the Heisman Trust, working with our people, working with a family who really deserves to have a home. And it makes it all worth it when you see Nissan make this kind of impact on a community and do that in a way that is just genuine. The smiles on people’s faces here, the hard work, the sweat – all that comes together, and we know that we are making an impact in the community. That’s a great place for us to be and a great feeling to have as a leader within the company.”

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