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Tokyo Motor Show 2015: Nissan’s vision for the future of EVs and autonomous driving

Oct. 28 – Tokyo – Today at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, Nissan Motor Corporation unveiled a concept vehicle that embodies the company’s vision of the future of autonomous driving and zero emission EVs: the Nissan IDS Concept.

Presenting at the show, Nissan president and CEO Carlos Ghosn said: “Nissan’s forthcoming technologies will revolutionize the relationship between car and driver, and future mobility.”

The Nissan IDS Concept

After leading the development and expansion of EV technology, Nissan once again stands at the forefront of automotive technology.

By integrating advanced vehicle control and safety technologies with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), Nissan is among the leaders developing practical, real-world applications of autonomous drive technology.

In August 2013, Ghosn said that by 2020 Nissan plans to equip innovative autonomous drive technology on multiple vehicles. Progress is well on track to achieve this goal.

Inside the Nissan IDS Concept

Nissan Intelligent Driving is Nissan’s concept of autonomous drive technology and represents what Nissan believes next-generation vehicles should be.

“Nissan Intelligent Driving improves a driver’s ability to see, think and react. It compensates for human error, which causes more than 90 percent of all car accidents.

As a result, time spent behind the wheel is safer, cleaner, more efficient and more fun,” continued Ghosn.

The 44th Tokyo Motor Show opens to the public on October 30, with Nissan showcasing a host of new concept cars technologies.

Teatro for Dayz

As well as the IDS Concept, Nissan is showing be Teatro for Dayz, an innovative concept that signals a new direction in mobile technology.

Designed especially for the digital native generation, this vision of near-future vehicles departs from convention and marks a shift in perception.

Other show cars include the, Nissan Gripz Concept, making its Japan debut following its unveiling at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show  last month,  an upgraded Nissan Leaf with increased battery capacity, resulting in significantly longer driving range and the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo.

Watch the press conference from the Tokyo Motor Show below:

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