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Master Craftsmanship at Infiniti

Dec. 3 – Sunderland, UK – Infiniti Master Trainer Richard Scott discusses being a master craftsman means for the Infiniti brand, and the high level of quality in the new Infiniti Q30.

Richard Scott, Infiniti Master Trainer:

My name is Richard Scott. I’m a production senior supervisor and I’ve been at the plant now for just over 27 years.

I’m really excited that I’ve been entrusted with delivering this car on behalf of the body shop.

The job to me means making a change. Everyday I try to make an improvement. It’s about passion, and it’s about enthusiasm. And I never get tired of that.

Twenty-three men in total have come onto the project to work as a core team. They are the top and best skilled operators that we have.

Some people pick up assignments and jobs at different speeds than others, and eventually everybody will get there. It’s the mindset that is the important thing, and you have to employ somebody who wants to be a craftsman. They want to produce a quality product and they actually think about the customer.

Craftsmanship to me really means the quality of the product.

I see craftsmanship as part of the Infiniti brand in that the operators we have here need to be relentless in the pursuit for quality. They must absolutely pursue perfection every time and never give up.

We spend tens and tens of man-hours looking at finite details to get the quality of the car just right that, actually, the customer – a lot of customers – might never see. And that is the mark and the testimony of how the company has progressed over the years.

I think we do it better in a couple of ways. We have a ‘never say die’ attitude. We’ve learned to adapt to changing situations and be very proactive, with speed.

And what we’re really good at is that once you’ve completed your project and finished it, you go through another cycle of improvement to see if you can just squeeze out that little bit more.

It makes me really proud that once you come down onto the shop floor that what we were working on two years ago and deliberating on paper is now a reality.

The thing I enjoy most about this new and exciting project is that I’m like a child in a sweets shop.

I think the Infiniti project is particularly important to me. And even though we haven’t launched the car yet and don’t have a sales date to measure its success, I think that what we see now is the potential to give the customer a really exciting product.




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