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NISMO Shifts into Gear for 2016 Season

Yokohama – Feb. 28 – After claiming nine international championships around the world in 2015, Nissan is revving up its racing programs for the 2016 season.

NISMO Athletes race in Japan, North America, Europe, and Australia, and have claimed SUPER GT GT500 Championships for two years in a row, behind drivers Tsugio Matsuda and Ronnie Quintarelli.
Four Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500 teams will compete in Super GT, while rising driver Katsumasa Chiyo will debut this year. The four teams are:

1 – NISMO – Tsugio Matsuda / Ronnie Quintarelli
Team Principal: Yutaka Suzuki
12 – TEAM IMPUL – Hironobu Yasuda / João Paulo de Oliveira
Team Principal: Kazuyoshi Hoshino
Calsonic IMPUL GT-R / Bridgestone
24 – KONDO RACING – Daiki Sasaki / Masataka Yanagida
Team Principal: Masahiko Kondo
Forum Engineering ADVAN GT-R / Yokohama
46 – MOLA – Satoshi Motoyama / Katsumasa Chiyo
Team Principal: Toshiomi Oeki
S Road CRAFTSPORTS GT-R / Michelin
Toshikazu Tanaka, NISMO Corporate Vice President, will take over the role of executive director from Kunihiko Kakimoto, who has served as executive director for 12 years with an equal number of titles.
Expectations are high for another NISMO Super GT title in 2016, while global racing championships are also again on the radar.
The full archive of the 2016 NISMO launch event can be seen below:

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