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Nissan Shareholders Meeting: Archive

To watch the Annual General Shareholders Meeting, please click on this link.

Yokohama – June 22 – Nissan Motor held its  117th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on Wednesday, voting approval for the company’s on-going Power 88 mid-term strategy.

The votes followed reports by president and CEO Carlos Ghosn and Hiroto Saikawa, Chief Competitive Officer, highlighting company performance in the past fiscal year and re-affirming the financial outlook for fiscal 2016.

Saikawa said Nissan made continued progress on its mid-term business plan, enhanced operational efficiency and delivered solid financial results in fiscal 2015.

Global sales volume reached a new record of 5.43 million units amid strong demand in North America and a continued recovery in Western Europe.

CEO Ghosn said Nissan was on track to deliver further growth in fiscal 2016.

“Our business strategy is clear and effective. We have started this fiscal year in a position of strength, and we are poised to deliver further value to our shareholders,” he said.

Nissan expects net revenues to be approximately 11.8 trillion yen for the 12 months ending March 31, 2017, while operating profit is targeted to reach 710 billion yen and net income to increase to 525 billion yen.


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