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Steel to Wheels: Canton’s Titan

Sep. 7 – Canton, Mississippi – Since its introduction in 2003, the Nissan Titan has been built in one place – Canton, Mississippi, a town north of the state capital and home to about 13,000.

A white Nissan water tower dots the sky above Canton, while the sprawling 4.7 million-sq.-ft. plant just off the main highway has a staff of 6,400 working on its more than 1,000 acres.

In many ways, the mighty truck’s history is the plant’s own story, and staff refer to the vehicle like no other produced there, proudly calling it “Canton’s Titan”.

“All Titans made have come out of this plant,” says Chief Engineer Erik Fields.

“The new Titan gives pride because we’ve been able to see something grow.”

To accommodate production of the latest edition of the Titan, factory lines were modified to accommodate the sheer size and weight of the new truck, which comes in multiple sizes, engines, colors, and technological specifications.

Canton has produced over 3 million vehicles in its history, including the Nissan Titan, Murano, Altima, Armada and Frontier.

The new Titan, however, has an even more complex and rigorous build process, meaning up to 16 hours are required in the metamorphosis from coiled steel to ready-to-drive wheels that are loaded onto a semi truck before delivery to dealerships and ultimately to customers.

“There is a bond when you see a Titan on the road, it’s from this plant. Everybody who works here can point out to their family, ‘That came from my plant’,” Fields said.

Here is the story of the making of Canton’s Titan.


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