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Gaining Customers’ Satisfaction and Trust with Quality

At Nissan, we focus on quality as our highest priority to gain customer satisfaction and trust, and to forge lasting relationships with customers.

We have introduced a corporate approach called “Nissan Quality House”, identifying four key quality pillars of the customer journey and transforming employee mindsets and brand attractiveness as driving factors.

Across all functions, we aim to achieve the highest satisfaction level at every interactive moment with customers.

What is the priority for Nissan in terms of quality?

Customers at a Nissan Dealership in U.K.

Our priority is customer satisfaction. The customer’s voice is more important than anything. Our challenges are how can we yoke their voices into our monozukuri and sales activities, and can how we push this mindset throughout our organization.

What is the ultimate goal on quality?

There’s no end to our pursuit of quality. We have to make sure that we are a trustworthy partner in the eyes of our customers that utilizes all the touch points. That is our goal.

What is the approach to Quality?

Nissan Quality House

This is our Quality House approach.

Our customers’ expectations are not only about initial quality. If there are noise or engine malfunctions after a certain period, then the customer won’t consider us when making their next purchase.

It’s also about the quality of durability. For this reason, we have set four quality pillars: Initial, durability, sales and service quality. Each of these pillars are essential to achieve the standard level we are aiming for, with a priority on quality and striving for customer satisfaction. This is a minimum mindset standard to gain recognition from customers.

Good quality may be there, however, customers do not buy our cars without considering its attractiveness, fuel efficiency, driving pleasure, performance and/or design. This aspect of attractive quality plays a crucial role. And, on top of that, we have a “brand” roof.

Why is it important to be successful in every touchpoint in terms of customer satisfaction?

If we’re successful in outperforming our customers’ expectations in every touchpoint, then they will naturally say “I prefer to own Nissan again,” “I’m glad I bought a Nissan,” or “I want to buy from Nissan again.” Thus, gaining the highest customer satisfaction in all touch points is what we have to do.

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