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Nissan’s Electric-Motor Powered Drivetrain: e-POWER

Yokohama – November 2 – Nissan’s new NOTE features an innovative drive system called e-POWER, the first mass production of a compact vehicle with a series hybrid powertrain.

Fully integrated e-POWER system and the compact battery

The main difference with an electric vehicle or conventional hybrid to e-POWER is how electricity is made, as the system borrows from EV technology in the Nissan LEAF, but adds a small gasoline engine to the mix.

The system features a full electric-motor drivetrain in which the wheels are completely powered by the electric motor, and the gasoline engine simply charges the batteries.

In conventional hybrid systems, the electric motor is mated to a gasoline engine and the engine kicks in when the battery is low or when traveling at high speed. With e-POWER, the gasoline engine and the wheels are not connected similar to an EV, and the power originates from the engine letting you drive as far as you want.

To watch the new NOTE e-POWER briefing, see below:

Chief powertrain engineer Naoki Nakada says minimizing battery size and compartmentalizing powertrain components to fit a compact vehicle were the first challenges.

“Compared to LEAF, the batteries are 1/20th the size and made to fit under the front seats without having to sacrifice interior space.” says Nakada.

Naoki Nakada, Chief powertrain engineer

“An electric motor-run car gives the best torque in stop-and-go situations, and you also get good response and smooth acceleration.”

The system delivers massive torque almost instantly, improving drive response and smooth acceleration, while also operating in a very quiet manner, much like a full EV.

In addition, e-POWER relies on the engine much less frequently and more fuel efficient especially during around-the-town commutes.

Research on electric motor-drive technology at Nissan started in the 1990s, while the idea of producing the e-POWER drive system actually began in conjunction with the development of the LEAF, in 2005.

e-POWER is Nissan’s new Intelligent Power offering in moving forward its electrification strategy under Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

Comparing powertrains between EV, e-POWER and conventional hybrid

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