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Steel to Wheels: Oppama’s Note

Yokohama – Feb. 10 – The Nissan Note, Japan’s top seller in January, has received widespread recognition for e-POWER, its innovative full-electric motor drive system.

The Note is a “Series Hybrid”offering the combined power of an electric motor and a gasoline engine, which is used to charge the batteries.

The e-POWER is only available in Japan, and was specifically designed for urban driving in the country.

The 100% electric powertrain makes a clear distinction compared with conventional power units, as the wheels of the Note e-POWER are completely driven by the electric motor.

To offer the agile response and sporty acceleration characteristics of the Note e-POWER to a wider range of customers, Nissan will release the Note e-POWER NISMO this winter.

“Steel to Wheels: Oppama’s Note” is the behind-the-scenes story of the making of the Nissan Note, including how the plant prepared for the launch of the new model.

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