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Koshikishima: EV ‘Islands of the Future’

April 21 – Koshikishima, Kagoshima Prefecture – Imagine islands of the future where electric vehicles, powered by wind and solar energy, are one of the most common mobility solutions.

On Koshikishima, off the coast of southwestern Japan, islands of the future are the islands of today, as a partnership between the local government, Sumitomo Corp and Nissan, has brought an energy and charging network, as well as donation of 40 all-electric e-NV200 vehicles, for the over 5,000 residents.

Satsumasendai and Sumitomo earlier agreed to carry out a project on Koshikishima to reuse Li-ion Nissan LEAF batteries as large-scale power storage facilities, promoting renewable energy in a micro-grid for the remote islands.

The EV batteries are supplied by 4R Energy Corporation, a joint venture company of Sumitomo and Nissan.

Introduction of intermittent weather-dependent renewable energy systems on a large scale can damage the balance of electric power supply and demand, and at times even cause power outages, so renewable energy systems must be widely extended to remote islands, meaning installation of power storage systems and other measures.

Wind and solar power are stored in the reusable EV batteries and transferred to a charger network that can power the e-NV200s.

The EVs now account for 10% of island mobility options, bringing zero emissions and quiet to the seaside paradise, which has included a quasi-national park since 2015.

The local government expects the initiative to encourage tourism and further improve the lives of Koshikishima residents.





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