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Nissan Kicks the “catcher car” at Wings For Life World Run in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – In Brazil this week, the Nissan Kicks played a critical role in the Wings For Life World Run, the world’s largest street race that aims to fund research into a cure for spinal cord injury. The event occurred simultaneously in 24 cities around the world on May 7, and the new Nissan’s global crossover was the “catcher car” at the Brazilian edition. In Latin America, Wings For Life World Run took place in other two cities: Santiago (Chile) and Guadalajara (Mexico).

As a catcher car, Nissan Kicks was “responsible” for pointing out the race winners. Wings For Life World Run has a different dynamic than most regular races: There’s no finish line. The catcher car leaves 30 minutes after the runners start and begins its pursuit of the participants. Each person that the car exceeds has their distance recorded and is out of the race. The last one caught by Kicks wins the race. An extension of Nissan´s Intelligent Mobility, Kicks was equipped with special sensors able to catch the runners and score their distances accurately.

Near the starting line of the run, Nissan displayed its entire line up in Brazil. Nissan March, Versa, Sentra, Kicks and New Frontier were also available for test drive.

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