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Nissan LEAF customers get free charging

ROME – Nissan is supporting the “DinamoBike – enjoy your power” project in Rome – a challenge to convert the kinetic energy produced by the rotary movement of pedals into energy.

At the Circolo Paolo Rosi sports center in Rome, a special platform is available with bikes that allow production of clean energy simply by riding them.

Nissan is optimizing the clean energy by adding an exclusive opportunity to the challenge: “DinamoBikers” who ride for at least 10 minutes, consume energy at the DinamoBike Café and decide to purchase a Nissan LEAF* get a discount on the purchase price plus two years of free energy to recharge their 100% electric vehicle.

To benefit from this special offer, customers need only visit a Nissan dealership between July 7, 2017 and July 6, 2018 and show proof of the consumption of clean energy produced at the Circolo Paolo Rosi sports center.

In addition, all those who take part in the initiative can board a Nissan LEAF shuttle to the historic center of Rome, enjoying the benefits of zero-emission mobility.

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