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Alfonso Albaisa designs Motali, a luxury yacht like no other

ROLLE, Switzerland – Alfonso Albaisa grew up on the ocean, cruising around Miami’s coastline in the 1970s with his brother, stopping to sleep on islands and drifting off to the sound of the waves. These early childhood adventures sparked a deep fascination with water that continues to influence his work as a designer today.

“I want to harness the power and beauty of nature in my designs,” said Albaisa, senior vice president for Global Design for Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Instagram). “But no matter how big your ambition, I’ve also learned that as a human your physical presence on the ocean is very small. I want to capture this sense of tranquility and humbleness too.”

Albaisa’s long-held respect for the water is what led him to take on a project to design Motali, a 33-meter, three-story luxury yacht. It was a considerable challenge, especially given the taxing nature of the brief from his client:

“Imagine Motali backing into its bay at Monaco,” said Albaisa. “The rear view of this vessel should be like no other. With any yacht, the look and shape are so important. For Motali, it was clear from the beginning that the most important thing was to create something truly beautiful. That’s why I designed it with a bullet-like expression and with romantic tapering at the stern that tumbles inwards, similar to the classic vessels of the 1950s.”

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