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Leticia Bonjorno turns Nissan Frontier into a ‘beast’

RIO DE JANEIRO – Revealed at the Buenos Aires Motor Show in June, the Nissan Frontier Attack Concept has earned the nickname “the Beast.”

With bold graphics and intense colors, the new concept vehicle leaves no doubt as to its provocative instincts. The inspiration for the design came from Leticia Bonjorno, a 26-year-old automotive stylist at Nissan Design America Rio.

“This car is above all a design exercise in terms of color and trim, because the overall body style hasn’t changed compared with the production model,” said Bonjorno. “This is an example of what can be done with the right materials and refinement to change a car completely.”

Developing the color and trim for the Frontier Attack was Bonjorno’s first assignment at the design studio. Before starting a design, it’s important to understand a vehicle’s genes and design cues to make a model specifically for the target buyer, she said.

“The first idea that comes to my mind is, is it going to look like the production model, or will it be noticeably different?” said Bonjorno. “After all, our ultimate goal is that customers see the difference on the road.”

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