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Nissan unveils two Camper van models in Madrid

MADRID, Spain – Just in time for the summer travel season, Nissan recently presented two new Camper vans at the Madrid Motor Show in Spain. The NV300 Camper and e-NV200 Camper have interior and exterior modifications that let drivers enjoy a getaway to the countryside, to the sea or wherever the imagination takes them ­– even with zero emissions with the e-NV200 Camper.

NV300 Camper transforms its interior into the ideal place for four people to stand thanks to an elevating roof, or they can sit around the table conversing and waiting for food to arrive. It’s easy to cook inside the van – that’s been transformed into an authentic kitchen – with a refrigerator, sink and water and gas installations.

At nightfall, the Nissan Campers can be converted into comfortable bedrooms with window shades and stationary heating. The NV300 allows the configuration of a second double bed in the raised ceiling. Customers in Spain can go to their favorite Nissan dealer, order a Camper van and customize them to their personal needs.

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