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Dongfeng Nissan ‘Same as New’ program leads the industry in China

BEIJING – Dongfeng Nissan launched its certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle business, “Same as New,” at the end of 2017 in response to the growing market for pre-owned vehicles in China. Since then, customers have been reaping the benefits, dealers have been experiencing improved transaction pricing, and the industry has been taking note.
The “Same as New” customer experience – a new way to enjoy the benefits of a pre-owned vehicle – was announced at Auto Guangzhou 2017 and garnered an enthusiastic dealer response. Initial enthusiasm has carried through with real-world results showing that trade-in percentage and sales efficiency per dealer have both increased.
“‘Same as New’ will enrich Dongfeng Nissan’s diversified layout while improving brand value,” said managing director Airton Cousseau of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company (DFN). “Our aim is to innovate and lead the OEM pre-owned segment of the industry. By keeping our focus on customer needs and working to continue optimizing the customer experience across the vehicle lifespan, ‘Same as New’ will lead the OEM pre-owned vehicle market into a new era.”

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