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Nissan LEAF to help stabilize German electricity grid

HAGEN, Germany – Nissan has helped reach an important milestone on the road towards emission-free energy and mobility in Germany. With an innovative charging and energy management solution, the project partners – technology company The Mobility House, energy supplier ENERVIE and transmission system operator Amprion – have qualified the Nissan LEAF for the regulatory requirements needed for primary power regulation. This means that the LEAF can be used as a reserve for the German electricity grid – a breakthrough in establishing Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology in Germany.

“We strongly believe in an emission-free future,” said Guillaume Pelletreau, vice president and managing director, Nissan Center Europe. “Accordingly, we are also very proud that the Nissan LEAF has, as the first electric car ever, been approved as suitable for stabilizing grid frequencies. LEAF batteries could make an important contribution to energy transition in Germany and a sustainable future.”

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