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#DriveLifeToTheFull with the new Datsun GO and GO+

ROSSLYN, South Africa – Datsunis launching the new Datsun GO and GO+ models in South Africa to provide personal mobility and freedom to go-getters looking for a means to achieve their dreams.

Datsun’s success since its reintroduction in 2014 in South Africa proved that there are thousands of people who need a well-priced, reliable car – and now it’s time for a new Datsun GO and GO+ for the next generation of self-starters.

“Our new Datsun GO and GO+ represent a new experience for consumers,” said Nissan SA Marketing Director, Kabelo Rabotho. “With its fresh looks, modern features and advanced technologies, the new Datsun vehicles are made for progressive, ambitious customers with a sense of style.”

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