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Patrol, the first Nissan manufactured in Europe, celebrates 35 years

BARCELONA – Some vehicles mark a turning point in the history of a brand. This is undoubtedly the case with the Patrol, the first Nissan vehicle manufactured in Europe.

In 1983, Nissan began making Patrol in Europe at its Zona Franca factory in Barcelona, the company’s first plant on the continent. During the next 18 years and until 2001, 196,000 units of this emblematic vehicle rolled off the production line.

Patrol opened the way to manufacture more SUVs and pickups at the Zona Franca plant, which continued in 1993 with the Nissan Terrano II. The Barcelona plant produced 375,000 units of this model until May 2005, giving way to the launch of the Pathfinder and the first version of the Navara pickup.

“The Nissan Patrol is a real source of pride for Barcelona plant,” said Genís Alonso, vice president at Nissan Motor Ibérica. “The journey we began with this flagship model for our company continues today in our pickups, which combine the legacy of 4X4 vehicle manufacturing with the finest cutting-edge technology.”

Patrol was such a success that in 1988, one out of every two SUVs sold in Spain was a Nissan Patrol, and the model’s market share in Spain stood at 52%. Patrol was exported throughout Europe and also across the rest of the world to countries such as Angola, Argentina, New Caledonia, Tanzania and Uruguay. It even took part in the 1987 Paris-Dakar rally with the Nissan Patrol Fanta Limón model.

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