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A vision for the invisible: Nissan technology expert Tetsuro Ueda

YOKOHAMA, Japan – Tetsuro Ueda is a technology expert at the Nissan Research Center, a place where Nissan explores cutting-edge technologies and develops the next step in automotive excitement. Working with a small, but dedicated team, Ueda’s research focuses on connecting technology and humans in an enriching, seamless way. His latest development is set to create new insights in what we see through connected platforms and sensing technologies.

At the CES 2019 trade show, Nissan announced Invisible-to-Visible, a revolutionary technology that helps drivers “See the Invisible” by merging the real and virtual worlds to create the ultimate connected-car technology. In a recent interview, Ueda expanded on his vision of how he sees society interacting with Invisible-to-Visible technology.

Q1: Can you tell us briefly about Invisible-to-Visible technology?

Ueda: Invisible-to-Visible, or I2V, is our way of increasing awareness and enhancing the driving experience. By merging our world with the virtual world, called the Metaverse, we can create the ultimate connected-car experience. Sensing data, gathered from the space around us as we drive, and interactions with virtual information are brought to life by three-dimensional, augmented visuals in front of us. In essence, we can interact with and see information that would otherwise be invisible to us.


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