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Red-Lined Adventure Nissan Navaras take on Dakar

Peru – Dakar, one of the most challenging off-road rally events in the world, wrapped its tenth and final stage on January 17. During the grueling 12-day event in Peru, three FIA Dakar specification T1 Nissan Navara trucks – built by Nissan’s South Africa-based marketing partner Red-Lined Adventures – competed.

The three Red-Lined entries included German father-and-son duo Jurgen and Daniel Schröeder who competed under the PS Laser Racing banner (No. 329). Jurgen brought plenty of knowledge and experience to the table, as this year marked his ninth Dakar.

From Dubai, Thomas Edward Bell, team owner, and Patrick McMurren, Bell’s friend and navigator, competed under the Sabertooth Motoring Adventure banner (No. 419). Although this was their first Dakar, they came well prepared with a season’s training in the South African Cross-Country Series under their belts.

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