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Nissan and Delta enable EV-home charging in Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand – Nissan in Thailand has announced the official appointment of Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL as the primary provider of electric vehicle charging systems.
The deal supports Thailand’s electrification goal of 1.2 million units on the road by 2036 and will provide Nissan LEAF owners in Thailand international-standard charging facilities with Delta’s quality standard of service, certified by Nissan.
“Nissan Motor Thailand is committed to helping drive an electric vehicle ecosystem in Thailand for the benefit of our customers, and Thai people, by supporting a greener future through electric mobility,” said Ramesh Narasimhan, president of Nissan Motor Thailand. “To ensure this, we are honored to welcome Delta, one of the world’s leading power supply producers and thermal management solutions providers, on board to join us and drive Thailand toward an all-electric vehicle future.”

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