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Dongfeng Nissan sets 1 million sales plan in motion


The Global Media Center spoke with Ren Yong, vice president of Dongfeng Nissan, on plans to achieve 1 million sales target this year, and the launch of the new Venucia brand in China.

Q1. Dongfeng Nissan plans to boost sales to 1 million vehicles in 2012. How does the company plan to achieve that target?


One million vehicles to us is a very exciting goal that we’ve eyed for a long time. We recognize the challenges that come with this goal. The rapid growth in the auto industry in China in the past years has gradually eased, and it is indeed difficult to achieve 25% growth in such a climate. We are looking at several challenges and have broken down some of these.

Along with the newly completed second plant, we now have a strong base and the production capacity to manufacture 1 million vehicles. So where are we going to get the additional 200,000 sales volume? We have made our plans and done a series of preparations. The growth in second- and third-tier cities is still higher than first-tier cities, so how are we going to compete in these markets?

Through promotions in the market, raising closing rates on deals, and improving our customer relations, we’ve realized 50% growth in each city. Learning from these market experiences, we’ve come up with a growth plan for 100 cities in 2012. With this plan, it can bring an increase in sales of around 60,000 to 80,000 vehicles.

Similarly, we also have other countermeasures and the Venucia brand. So even though it will be challenging, we remain confident.


Q2. What are plans for Venucia in 2012?


Venucia will enter the market in 2012 and undergo the tests of consumers. What we are doing now is ensuring that everything we do is fine-tuned, that quality is better, and making sure that consumers have a sense of security after the launch.

Then we will have to rely on Dongfeng Nissan’s influence and the positive impact from sharing of Nissan’s advanced technology to quickly reach the consumers’ hearts.

We will then activate using the strength of our Venucia network, mobilizing our people to ensure that the brand succeeds from the get-go.


Q3. What can we expect from Dongfeng Nissan at this year’s Beijing Auto Show?


Venucia, electric vehicles, Nissan’s advanced technology, and our new car models will be at the Beijing Auto Show.

For Venucia, the new stand-alone brand, and the Nissan brand, we will ensure differentiation of brand attributes as well as image. For a car company group this is a challenge — to ensure the two brands are clearly differentiated but at the same time belong to Dongfeng Nissan.

So the brand of Dongfeng Nissan — what kind of value can Dongfeng Nissan bring to its consumers — has to be well relayed to ensure the two brands form an interactive and mutually beneficial relationship.

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