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Americas Focus on New Plants


Nissan Americas Vice Chairman Bill Krueger spoke with the Global Media Center, discussing the outlook for plants in Brazil, Mexico and the U.S. and 2012 growth plans.

Q1. Looking back at 2011, how do you see Nissan positioned?


I think the Americas are poised for the growth coming at us. I think we had a strong sales year in 2011, in spite of a number of headwinds that we had, so I feel very confident as we go through this product onslaught, this 20 models in 24 months, that we’re poised to grow in all markets, in most segments throughout the Americas in 2012.


Q2. Before the Detroit show, there were some announcements about production in the U.S and Mexico. What can you tell us?


Our Mexican facilities are full and that’s our aim in the next year with our U.S. facilities as well. We’re going to be adding shifts, hiring workforce, to hopefully fill all the shifts, and all the model lines at our U.S. plants.

We know that we’re full in Brazil that’s why we’ve added the Resende facility that we’re going to put on line. We are also launching the third shift in the CIVAC truck system, and that will put us on three shifts and at max capacity for the Mexican sites, and that is why they are a logical choice for new expansion.

The U.S. has a few more shifts and few more lines to get full and then they’ll be at full capacity.


Q3. Where is the focus of Nissan’s production for the near future in the Americas?


Strategically, we are looking out into 2014-2016, but execution-wise we need to flawlessly execute the new models, the new shifts, the launch of the two plants that are already on our near-term horizon, that’s where most of our practical focus is — to get those right, to launch with high quality, to not have a stumble as we bring two new plants, that’s really where our focus is now.

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