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Nissan and FedEx test e-NV200 in London


Feb. 8 — London — Cars like the LEAF are already leading the way in reducing carbon emissions in cities. With the e-NV200, Nissan is now extending this development into commercial vehicles and where better to test the company’s latest electric van prototype than on the busy streets of London.

Gareth Dean, Zero Emission and Electric Vehicle Communications Manager at Nissan Europe:

“I’m sitting in a prototype of a Nissan electric van, the e-NV200. This van is with FedEx at the moment, who are testing it. This is the vehicle we are going to put into production in a very similar form to this, a totally electric van for urban deliveries around a city just like London.”

Graeme Burn, Senior Engineer for Petrol Engine Engineering, Nissan Technical Centre Europe:

“The van itself is based on the Nissan LEAF and actually it’s just the shell of a NV-200 put on top, just to trial it, just to see how it works for small carrier firms.

Being right at the center of London, electric vans are perfect because in the low speed areas that we are in, with the low emission zone and congestion charges, the van works very well. They generally have better access to charging points as well.

The vehicle itself is fitted with a data recorder so what we can do is gather the data and see how the vehicle is actually being driven. It’s important that we capture the real-life data, speak to the driver, see how they use it and then that feeds back to the development cycle. Then finally, when we want to mass-produce the vehicle, we are delivering something that’s actually what the customer wants.”

Nissan and FedEx Express have now been testing the e-NV200 for several weeks and in one recent duty the van was used to deliver money raised by Nissan employees to the British Red Cross HQ in central London.

Kimberley Bannister, Corporate Partnerships Assistant, British Red Cross:

“This fund is going towards disaster fund, it’s a crucial pot of money that the British Red Cross has, that allows us to respond in an emergency across the world within hours. Nissan have been great supporters and they have really made a lot of effort to get their employees engaged. They are a great partner to work with and we really appreciate their support.”

Gareth Dean, Zero Emission and Electric Vehicle Communications Manager, Nissan Europe:

“Today we are giving across the amount of money that is being collected, that’s also being matched by FedEx, who are our partners in this trial. We felt it was a good opportunity to bring the electric van to the Red Cross to hand over that money.”

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